CeDUR is a high performance synthetic roofing product and leader in simulated wood shake roofing products. Our State-of-the-Art Polyurethane Technology ensures long term durability and is developed to withstand nature’s harsh fire, hail, wind, and UV conditions while reflecting the enduring elegance of natural cedar shakes.

CeDUR looks and installs like natural cedar shake and provides the classic beauty of natural cedar without the splitting, rotting, and risk of fire inherent to authentic natural cedar shakes.

CeDUR has passed the industry’s most stringent testing standards for wind, impact, and fire, all while obtaining a Class A Fire Rating without the use of a special fire resistant underlayment. Our proprietary technology allows us to incorporate a fire retardant into our product while also maintaining it’s lightweight composition at just 170 pounds per square.


Similar to natural wood, CeDUR implements a proprietary color system that is designed to weather to natural wood tones after the first 2-4 months of installation. After the initial aging process the color will set and remain constant over the balance of the life of the product.

CeDUR also features color-through pigmentation, meaning the color permeates all the way through the product instead of being applied to just the surface like other roofing products.

We produce our molds from authentic natural cedar shakes, which create a variation in both the grain patterns and the overall appearance of the shakes. We feature 5″, 7″, and 12″ shakes and a 3/4″ butt, which gives deeper shadow lines making your roof virtually indistinguishable from natural cedar shakes. This produces a precise natural wood appearance and a unique variation of shakes in each individually packaged bundle.

CeDUR is available in a variety of realistic natural wood colors. Your CeDUR roof can complement any architectural style or color scheme.

live oak shiloh and walden cedur product colors, cedar shake wood roofing material photo taken by www.cedur.com
product photo of our high performance cedar wood shakes, the color is our live oak or caramel brown color
product photo of shiloh cedar wood shake roofing product
photo of shiloh cedur product, cedur features three product colors, shiloh walden and live oak, photo taken by ww.cedur.com

Live Oak

Caramel Brown


Chocolate Brown




  • Classic look of natural cedar shakes
  • Protected by a 50-year Limited Material Warranty


  • Class 4 Impact Resistant
  • Resists snow release/sliding
  • Class A Fire Rating- no special fire-resistant underlayment needed
  • Wind Resistant


  • Molded from natural cedar shakes
  • Ages to true natural wood colors
  • Virtually indistinguishable from natural cedar shakes


  • Installs like natural cedar
  • Lightweight
  • Can be cut, nailed and screwed
  • No special tools, hardware or accessories are required
  • Can be installed directly on a deck – no battens required


  • Competitively priced
  • Can reduce homeowner insurance costs
  • Very low lifecycle costs
  • Improves roof insulation value

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  • Advanced thermoset polymer
  • Synthetic material is molded, heat-activated, and cured in a process resulting in one of the most durable roofing products available
  • Solid Product (no cavity back), with color throughout


For over 15 years CeDUR has proven itself a premier roofing material in one of nature’s toughest testing grounds—the Western United States—where wind, rain, hail and snow conspire against all things man made.

CeDUR is manufactured in Colorado using a Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) system. This is a proven high quality manufacturing process in Polyurethane Technology.

There are four impact resistance ratings from 1 to 4, with 4 being the most impact resistant. In the Class 4 test a 2” steel ball is dropped from 20 feet on multiple surface points of a CeDUR shake. CeDUR undoubtedly passed the test with a Class 4 Impact Rating.

Fire ratings (UL 790 testing protocol) are granted at one of three levels: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A is the highest rating a product can receive. Testing is accomplished by measuring the resistance to penetration and spread of flame of a representative test roof. The Class A Rating indicates the product has equaled the testing industry’s most stringent fire resistance standard, a measure of how the roof will perform in fire conditions.

CeDUR has a Class A Fire Rating and does not require a special fire-resistant underlayment.

CeDUR is certified to a wind speed of 115 mph (3-second gust), with a mean roof height no greater than 40 feet. Above 115 mph wind resistance installations are considered “High Wind” and CeDUR should be consulted for proper design. CeDUR is warrantied to 90 mph.

CeDUR weighs only 170 lbs. per roofing square. There should be no structural concerns at this weight.

Very low water absorption eliminates freeze/thaw cycle effects.

CeDUR has established a network of roofing contractors that represent the highest standard of excellence, quality, and knowledge in the residential roofing industry. If you need assistance choosing a quality local roofing contractor contact CeDUR to help you choose.

Yes, CeDUR can be installed in cold weather. Extra care should be taken when installations occur in temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C).

No. CeDUR should not be installed over existing roofing materials. Improper installation will void the warranty.

No sealant is required on cut surfaces and no repair is required if CeDUR is cut or chipped because our product is developed to prevent moisture intrusion with Closed Cell Technology and features color through pigmentation and no cavity back.